10 Minute Solution – Sculpt, Tone, & Reshape

strTo finish up my 10 Minute Solution week, I did another Amy Bento title from this series – Sculpt, Tone, & Reshape with the Figure-8. This workout is a kit, similar to Knockout Body , but instead of weighted gloves, it includes two figure 8 exercise bands with different levels of resistance. The yellow band is for beginners, and the red band offers more resistance. I found that the red band worked okay, but it wasn’t overly challenging. The range of motion seemed a bit short on some exercises, as well. Someone wanting even more of a challenge may want to find a heavier figure 8 band . But, since this is a light week for me, the red band was fine for today. ;)

The dvd contains the usual selection of five 10 minute workouts, each with a different focus – and menu options to mix and match them any way that you choose.

The workouts included are:

  • Sexy, Sculpted Lower Body
  • Upper Body Tone & Chisel
  • Fat Blasting Sculpt
  • Jiggle-Free Buns & Thighs
  • Flat & Firm Abs Fast

There are a lot of unique moves used in this one that are longer to describe than they are to do! :D Fat Blasting Sculpt even contains some very short cardio intervals, mixed in with combination exercises.

There is a great breakdown of the workouts available in the review section here, at Video Fitness .

Happy Friday! wavey

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