Walk Off Even More Weight – Leslie Sansone

walkoffToday I tried another workout from Leslie Sansone’s Walk Your Way Thin series – Walk Off Even More Weight. This is the same series that Punch Up Your Walk is from. Each of the workouts in this series comes with a different gadget, and the item included with this dvd is a 2 lb weighted belt. This workout contains two 2 mile walks, at different paces – Classic Walk and Fast Walk – and both are about 30 minutes each, including warm up, cool down, and stretch. The dvd is well chaptered, so you also have the option to choose 1 or 2 miles for each walk from the menu. There is also a bonus “energy boosting walk” that is about 5 minutes long. I did both 2 mile walks today, but not the bonus walk. I wore the weighted belt, and also added the weighted gloves from Punch Up Your Walk. I felt very gadget-y. :lol: I like the fit of the gloves okay, but find them a bit bulky, compared to the gloves I usually wear. Plus, my regular gloves are 1 lb each, and the pink gloves from the kit are only 12 ounces each.

Classic Walk is what those familiar with Leslie would expect – it’s her basic walking routine, at a 15 minute mile pace. The warm up felt a bit long at five minutes, since this workout isn’t very intense. Leslie is alone for this workout (and the next one) and uses all of her usual moves – marching, knee ups, kicks, and side steps. A lot of the music sounds familiar, and there seems to be less arm movements than some of her other newer releases. So, nothing new here and I have to admit I was a bit bored during this one.

Fast Walk isn’t much different than the Classic Walk workout was, aside from having a 12 minute mile pace after the warm up. She does add in some tap outs as well as some grapevines toward the end of the workout, but otherwise it felt quite similar to the previous workout. The intensity was a higher in this one, so I did like the faster pace.

While I wasn’t expecting anything new and exciting from this dvd, I bought it mostly because I was curious about the weighted belt – and wanted to see if Leslie was going to do anything different with the workout while using the weighted belt. After the initial mention of the belt, so doesn’t really mention much about it again until the end when it’s time to take it off. Plus, I honestly didn’t feel much of an intensity boost from wearing it – though since it’s only 2 lbs, I guess I would have been more surprised if it had made a difference. ;) But I would probably wear it again for her workouts, since it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. So, not a great workout today, but this is a light week for me anyway – so I’m okay with that.

ETA: It looks like you can now order these kits online.