ChaLEAN Extreme – Lean Circuit 2 – Chalene Johnson

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Today is my last ChaLEAN Extreme workout of the week. I went with a workout from the third phase of the program, Lean Circuit 2. This workout is just under 40 minutes long, and has a 4 minute warm up and a 4 1/2 minute stretch. The warm up is pretty much the same as the warm ups in Burn Circuit 1 and Push Circuit 1, but the exercises that are done at the end of the warm up with light weights focus on the areas that will be worked in the routine. The focus of Lean Circuit 2 is back, shoulders, and minimally, legs. The rep range is 10-12 reps, and since this is from the Lean Phase of the program, there is a breakdown set of 3 extra reps for every exercise, after a 10 second rest.

Like Burn Circuit 1, the workout is made up of compound exercises, though for me there was more of a balance challenge to these exercises – and therefore more thinking. ;) I didn’t notice the music as much in this workout, but that was probably because I needed to focus more on what I was doing, heh. I really felt like my shoulders got worked a lot in this one, which is a good thing. Though, I was disappointed that there weren’t any shoulder presses in the workout. After a while it seemed like there were just a lot of variations on lateral raises. I’m sure I’ll be feeling this workout in my shoulders tomorrow, but all the similar shoulder exercise started to feel kind of monotonous. I liked the one arm row from a push up (plank) position, though. I also liked the use of the resistance band to add extra legs work.

So overall, my first week of ChaLEAN Extreme went pretty well. The short length of the workouts make them no-dread for me, and even though the music is more background noise, it’s usually quite good so I don’t have any itch to use my own music yet. :D I also really like Chalene, and all of the tips she offers throughout the workout. She’s very natural leading the workout, and likeable – even if I do wish she would finish at least one full set of exercises before walking around the room. ;)

The exercises breakdown like this:

  • Sumo squat with anterior deltoid lift + 3 reps deltoid lift
  • Double arm row with leg lift (band around ankles) + 3 reps rows
  • Lateral raise with hamstring curl (band around ankles) + 3 reps lateral raise
  • Runners lunge with double row + 3 reps rows
  • Lateral raise with abduction (band around ankles) + 3 reps lateral raise
  • Plank with single arm row + 3 reps push ups
  • Lateral deltoid raise with reverse lunge + 3 reps deltoid raise
  • Posterior deltoid raise with opposite leg lift (on all fours) + 3 reps deltoid raise
  • Squat with anterior deltoid lift + 3 reps of squats