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I’ve been getting several inquiries about the post I did on Danny Sullivan’s Real Kickboxing Bag Workout set and whether or not I know anywhere to purchase it. As far as I can tell, this dvd set has been discontinued. Crying Every once in a while someone on Amazon will have it for sale for an outrageous price; and while I haven’t seen it there lately, ebay might be worth a look now and then, too.

Otherwise, I’ve also suggested people try contacting Danny Sullivan through his website, though I don’t know if that has been helpful or not. Here’s the contact form for Danny’s website. It’s a shame that the set doesn’t seem to be available anymore, as not only are the dvds great kickboxing bag workouts, it was also quite unique since there aren’t a huge selection of bag workouts on dvd, let alone workouts that feature kickboxing with the bag.


That said, there are a few alternatives that I can suggest, if you’re looking to expand your heavy bag workout dvd collection. Generally, it’s easy to adapt many kickboxing workouts to using a bag, especially if there isn’t a lot of tricky choreography. Some of the titles below offer bag specific segments, and others are honorable mentions since they are easy to adapt to a heavy bag.

First up, Amy Bento’s Rumble. This dvd is a nice bargain, as you get 79 minutes of workouts – one main 48 minute workout, a 20 minute bag workout, and a 14 minute stretch. The dvd is chaptered so you can mix and match the segments, and Amy also includes three premixes (43 min, 47 min, 70 min). Amy uses a standing bag during this workout which seems to scoot around the floor for her, but I don’t remember having any issues using the workout with my hanging bag.

Next, Cathe Friedrich’s MMA Boxing workout from her Shock Cardio series also has a heavy bag section. This workout contains a similar flow to Amy’s workout above. The main workout is 49 minutes and includes three rounds of (non-bag) boxing, abs work, and a short stretch. The bag workout is a “bonus” and runs about 18 minutes.  I don’t recall how well the main workout would adapt to a bag, so I’ll update this post sometime after I’ve revisited this one. No premixes are offered here.

Two more to consider are the Everlast Boxing Workouts with Michael Olajide Jr.  There is a beginner and an advanced workout available, and they can sometimes be found used, but might have inflated prices. I received one of these with the purchase of my heavy bag – the advanced one, I think. It’s been a while since I’ve checked these out, but as I recall they are straight and to the point in a gym setting.  No fancy choreography, but Michael is always encouraging with excellent cues, plenty of tips on form, and delivers solid workouts.

These two I suggest with caution, as they aren’t true heavy bag workouts, given the gimmicky inflatable bag Billy uses for the routines – Tae Bo Contact 1 & 2 with Billy Blanks. Billy’s usual energy and encouragement are there, and several parts of the workout are easy to do with a traditional heavy bag. There are a few areas where Billy uses the bag to bounce away from himself and other odd moves that you can’t duplicate with a real bag. I did my own thing during these sections, and also thought it might be a good time to move over to a speed bag for fast punching intervals – had my speed bag been hung up at the time, that is. ;-) But, these seem to be available and easy to find on the cheap (I think I got mine at the thrift store) so they are worth considering.

A better choice of heavy bag-friendly workouts from Billy is his Tae Bo II Get Ripped series. The full set contains 6 workouts, but one of those is instructional and another is an 8 minute workout, so if you’re looking for the most workout bang for your buck, I’d recommend any of the other four – 2 Basic and 2 Advanced options. This is the usual Tae Bo live class setting that anyone who has seen any of the older Tae Bo commercials will recognize.  Billy and the crowd provide great energy and usually the music is quite good as well.  The crowd features all fitness levels and ages – and also shows someone using a standing heavy bag during the workouts, though they aren’t on camera all of the time. The downside is that it can be difficult to find this on dvd at a reasonable price. But you can find it on VHS (which is what my set is) for pretty cheap.  And if you’re able to do VHS, another good set from Billy is Tae Bo Impact – which was only available on VHS.

The Pit Box SetOne last set of workouts to check out are The Pit Workouts with John Hackleman. I only have the first Pit Workout and CrossPit so far, but from the descriptions, it looks like nearly all of the workouts contain some heavy bag work – especially Twenties, which is now on my wishlist. Cool Some of these workouts also feature the UFC’s Chuck Liddell, so there’s certainly a more gritty, boxing gym feel to these. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, heh. Just don’t expect this to be anything like Cathe or Amy above – or like Billy Blanks for that matter. Definitely worth looking into if you like tough, no nonsense training.

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  1. Hey there! I don’t know if you’d consider it or not, but I’d like to toss out my idea for the perfect home kickboxing program on the heavy bag. I recommend it so highly because: I invented it! LOL. BUT, the caveat here is that it is not on video. I have found that video is not a good way to train when using the heavy bag because you can’t be turning your head to look at anything except the bag. You absolutely MUST keep your eyes glued to the bag. However, for people who already know what to throw punches and kicks, there is nothing better for home heavy bag workouts than my program. Please check it out and let me know if you’d feel comfortable recommending it to your readers here. My website tells ALL about it: http://www.kickboxingathome.com Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks a lot! Take care!

  2. @kickboxingathome – Thanks for the comment – and recommendation for your workouts! I plan on updating this post in a few weeks, and will be glad to add your workouts if they fit into my list, after I’ve checked out what you have to offer bit more. Thanks again!

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